Paul Kang and Skinder Kang – 1245 Tall Tree

We simply love our new custom home. It is a dream come true for us.  We researched almost for one year before finalizing Foress Developments Inc. as the builder for our project. We profusely thank Sanjeev Ahluwalia for building our dream house for us as per our requirements. We found him to be very ethical and diligent in his work. We are thoroughly satisfied with the outcome and feel happy that the project was finished in time and the total cost of the project never exceeded as projected by the builder. We would like to hire Foress Developments Inc. again, if we ever decide to build a house for us again.

Aslam Azhar Mir – 1860 San Pedro

I always wanted to build my own home but was very hesitant to start the process of building as it looked very intimidating since I knew very little about the different steps involved in building a house and also because of the paucity of time due to my business commitments. It was important for me to find the best builder who would control the overall costs of construction without compromising the quality of products used in my home. I consider myself fortunate enough to have engaged Foress Developments Inc. to build my dream house. The builder was very knowledgeable with excellent contacts in the construction industry that made the whole process very convenient and economical. The end product turned out be extremely excellent. It actually exceeded my expectations. I want to put on record that I would unhesitatingly recommend Foress Developments Inc. as a builder, if someone were looking for one.

Jimmy te and Dyan Te – 2332 Nicklaus Drive

We were  looking to buy a new house in a nice neighbourhood in Victoria and came across this property at 2332 Nicklaus Drive in Bear Mountain.  It was a new sub-division and there were more than 9 new houses that were available for sale. We decided to put an offer for 2332 Nicklaus Drive as we developed an instant liking for the house from the very first moment we saw it. The house was well planned and the construction quality was superb. We must admit that it was strikingly superior to the other houses up for sale in the neighbourhood. We have found the builder to be very prompt and thorough in attending our calls and respond to our queries, whenever needed.

Jaz and Satbir – 2299 Nicklaus Drive

We were plain lucky to hire Foress Developments Inc. to build our custom home at 2299 Nicklaus Drive. We were new to Victoria, having moved from Montreal, and were looking for good builder to build our home. We were a small family and were looking to build a modern but an economical home. Sanjeev Ahluwalia provided us immense help in all the stages of construction, right from the design of the house to the final completion. The whole process was stress free and the project was completed in time as per our budgetary limits. We are thoroughly satisfied with the gorgeous end product.

Mike Kang – 1022 Citation Road

I really appreciate all the efforts made by Foress Developments Inc. in building a beautiful house for me. I would not have been able to build this house without the help of Sanjeev Ahluwalia. His knowledge of construction industry is amazing and his man management skills are impeccable. He has a very warm and friendly attitude and is very patient in addressing all the concerns that I had during the construction process. I am very happy with the final product. Thanks again for all of the help and guidance.

Greg and Martha Ritter – 2395 Echo Valley Drive

Last year we decided to move from Edmonton to Victoria. We made a few trips to Victoria, prior to making the final move, in order to select the house that we would buy Victoria. After researching many properties in Victoria, we came across a newly built house at 2395 Echo Valley Drive in Bear Mountain. We immediately fell for the house and wanted to buy it. The house was very spacious built with an open concept plan and was very exquisitely done with highest quality of finishing, cabinetry, tile work, nice plumbing and electrical fixtures along with many other beautiful features. We have found Sanjeev Ahluwalia very responsible as a builder. He is quick to respond to our concerns, if any. I am quite experienced in buying new houses but the quality of work done in 2395 Echo valley is unmatchable in any of the previous houses we have lived so far. I acknowledge the quality of the product and the impeccable job done by the builder.